General Commercial Sales Conditions Pentaflor
Our General Commercial Sales Conditions follow the indication of the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht (KvK) The prices in our prices lists are all included. Transport, packaging are included but TVA (IVA) is excluded. To be able to order you must be included in our customers list. To become our customer you must send all your company information. We require a minimum order to justify the shipment, you can take contact with us or with the local Agents to have the necessary information. The minimum order required is about 3 trolleys or at least 1000/1200€. Trolleys must be always given back to the truck drivers without any exception. Any eventual irregularity must be noted on the Delivery Vaucer (CMR) that is the only valid document for this kind of situations. We do not accept any claim over the 24 hours after delivery and that are not formally executed. We suggest to take a picture of damaged goods. For payments always ask for personal conditions, in case of not specified conditions we consider only Cheque on Delivery.